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About the Allergy Store

The Allergy Store was conceived because we wanted to help food allergic & gluten-free families find their favorite brands and safe-to-eat allergy friendly food options in one convenient location.


Browse dozens of allergy-friendly food items that are free of the top-8 allergens and more. You can filter based on the allergen(s) your family avoids to find the right option for you.


You'll find carrying cases that help you insulate your medication, alert you if it's forgotten, and show off your personality!


You can order medical alert gear, medical I.D. cards, and other helpful tools for effectively communicating your allergy. This includes translation cards in over 50 languages!

Take Advantage of Wide Selections & Premium Member Benefits,  Accessible Anywhere.

Shop Options Free of the Top-14 & More

Members Can Access Exclusive Discounts Up to 65%

Accessible via the EpiCenter App

We build the top 8 free (and more) allergy friendly food store because we wanted to find more ways to support the food allergic community. Finding affordable safe-to-eat food can be a struggle for families, so we partner with allergy-related companies and bring their products to one easily accessible platform.

To learn more about how AssureTech is working with companies, check out this article by CEO & Founder, Joey DiGangi.

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