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Our Commitment to Students with Food Allergies in College

We work with colleges and universities because we know the difficulties faced by young adults managing food allergies on their own for the first time. We were founded by Joey DiGangi, a lifelong food allergy sufferer and then-undergraduate (now IMBA) student at Juniata College. Joey's entrepreneurial journey started in his junior year at Juniata College when he recognized that he and food allergic classmates weren't bringing their auto-injector to class consistently. He started designing the EpiCenter App and Case to help this problem.

The company evolved when Joey graduated and took his first job with Kdan Mobile, an international software company based in Taiwan. Joey had a life-threatening allergic reaction due to miscommunication of his allergy. This event was the inspiration for the emergency and translation features included in the EpiCenter App. Our mission is that any college student or young adult will have the resources needed to effectively transition as they take on more responsibilities.

We are proud to now partner with Kitchens with Confidence to connect students and campuses with these resources to make college a fun, safe, and allergy-friendly experience.