Food Allergy Protein Guide

The Food Allergy Protein Guide is my way of answering the same questions I’ve had since I started lifting weights. Where can I find nut free protein bars or allergy free protein packed meals? 

From this page, you’ll be able to view my product reviews of protein powders and bars and check out some of the recipes that I’ve modified to be nut and/or top-8 friendly.

This guide is part of the larger EpiCenter Platform, which is designed to help you find safe-to-eat food, access up-to-date allergy-related news, and get support from the community. The best way to get everything out of the work our team has done is to download the EpiCenter App for free on both app stores.

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About Joey DiGangi

Hey everyone! My name is Joey DiGangi, and I’m AssureTech’s CEO. I’m a lifelong nut allergy sufferer and weightlifting enthusiast. One of the things I’ve struggled with throughout my fitness journey is finding healthy products, like allergy free protein bars, I can trust to be safe while still packed with enough nutrients to recover. Almost every product you see in the store or recipe online contains or may contain peanuts, tree nuts, or other common allergens. I found myself spending almost as much time researching the best options to recover after a workout as I did lifting weights.

That’s why I started the food allergy protein guide. EpiCenter is full of helpful resources that include safe-to-eat food, and I thought the next step would be sharing the research I’ve done, products I’ve tried, and how I modify popular weightlifting recipes to make them nut free protein packed meals.

I’m not a registered dietician or personal trainer – I’m just someone who enjoys finding new and delicious ways to get more out of my workouts. You’ll notice that a lot of the recipes I try are easy to make and use only a few ingredients… that’s by design! I’m not the world’s best cook so I seek out meals that anyone can make and tweak them so they’re safe for food allergies. Quick, easy, and healthy protein products and meals are the way to go!

Joey DiGangi

AssureTech CEO / Nut Allergy Sufferer / Weightlifting Enthusiast