Allergy Store Affiliate Program

Allergy Store Affiliate Program Benefits

Are you a food allergy blogger or content producer? We want to elevate your brand by helping you provide value to your audience as an Allergy Store Affiliate. The Allergy Store is packed with safe-to-eat products, medical alert gear, educational resources, and our Premium Membership that helps customers save on all of them!

Affiliates earn an average of 3% of each transaction on regular products and 50% commission on Premium Memberships sold.

You’ll also get support from our team. If you create content, we’ll provide you with a great platform to promote your work through our blog site and EpiCenter App. And if you’d like to run a promotion for any content you contribute to blog, you’ll have our marketing team’s full support. That includes:

  • SEO Support & Keyword Research
  • Digital Advertising Campaign Management
  • 50% Ad Budget Match to Amplify Your Voice

If your audience would benefit from the products and services of our platform, apply to be an Allergy Store Affiliate today!