Allergy Friendly Protein Supplements

Finding Nut Free Protein Powder and Other Allergy Safe Supplements

Finding nut free protein powder or protein bars without nuts can be next to impossible. The same is true for many of the other top allergens like egg and dairy. This can make the fitness journey difficult for anyone that has life-threatening food allergies. The goal of the Allergy Store is helping food allergic fitness enthusiasts to find the resources they need to get the most out of their workouts and lead healthy lives.

What to Consider Before Starting

There are a couple things that you’ll want to be aware of when selecting your workout supplements whether or not you have food allergies. You’ll always want to start by consulting with a physician before exercising and ask your nutritionist or trainer about what macronutrient goals to set. If, for example, you want to add lean muscle mass, you may want more grams of protein than someone who’s looking to cut.

In any case, a key component of weightlifting and other physical training programs requires protein for muscle growth and recovery. Two of the best ways to supplement protein found in regular food items is with powders and bars. The rest of this page serves as a guide for some of the best allergy friendly protein powders and bars available.


Protein Bars without Nuts


One of the quickest ways to recover after a long workout is with a protein bar. The advantage is that they’re quick, easy, and often quite tasty! The issue, however, is that finding protein bars without nuts or other common allergens is difficult. That’s because peanuts, tree nuts, milk, and egg are all great sources of protein. This makes them a staple in the majority of workout bars and other supplements.

And then there’s the issue of cross-contamination. Even when your allergens are not listed as ingredients, they’re usually used in the facility. The issue with shared supply chains in the sports nutrition industry makes it difficult to find safe-to-eat options.

We suggest going a step further than finding protein bars that omit your allergens. Instead, we recommend finding companies that actually manufacture in dedicated allergen-free facilities.

One brand that we work a lot with is No Nuts. As their name suggests, they are a nut free protein bar that are also free from egg, dairy, and gluten. Each bar includes 12 grams of protein and other healthy nutrients. They come in four flavors that are available through our site and have a variety pack option if you’d like to sample them all.


Blueberry and Vanilla is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth that wants to find a healthy way to start the morning. Their taste is similar to a breakfast cereal bar without an overbearing sweetness.

$24.99 with Membership


Caramel Mocha is a favorite for many because it’s right in between bitter and sweet. This flavor goes great with your pre-workout or early morning coffee.

$24.99 with Membership


Are you a chocoholic? Then you’ll enjoy No Nuts’ chocolate chip flavor protein bar. This nut free protein bar is similar to a chocolate chip cookie but full of healthy ingredients to fuel your workout.

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Lemon Créme is the fourth and final of the No Nuts flavors. It’s got a unique lemon taste that’s hard to find in other protein bars. These bars make the perfect healthy snack if you’re on the go.

$24.99 with Membership

Protein Powders & Shakes

When it comes to protein shakes, your options essentially boil down to either pre-made drinks or preparing your own with a powder. This section shares top 8 allergen free protein powder and shake options that are great supplements to a healthy diet.

Allergy Friendly Protein Powder

Two of the top nut free protein powder options (as well as being free from the other top 6 or more) are ZEGO and OWYN. These two powders are both excellent choices because they’re free of the top 8 or more allergens, packed with protein, and are perfect for adding to shakes or your own recipes.

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Allergy Friendly Protein Shakes

We also suggest OWYN as a go-to brand for pre-made shakes. The company offers a variety of safe-to-drink choices. And the best part? They’re easy to crack open after a long workout to start the recovery process!