Making a Nut Free Protein Shake Using WOWBUTTER

I wanted to try a new nut free protein shake for my post-workout meal and decided to look to the internet for inspiration. Most recipes call for peanut butter and other top allergen-containing ingredients. One recipe I came across that looked delicious despite including peanut butter came from I made a few modifications, including replacing peanut butter with WOWBUTTER, to make it safe to eat.

Ingredients for Nut Free Protein Shake Recipe

I followed the general layout of the original recipe, but replaced chocolate protein with vanilla because of personal preference. The final list included:


creamy wowbutter used for making a nut free protein shake

After that, I mixed them together for about 30 seconds in a blender and it was ready to drink! One of my favorite things about the recipe is that it’s really quick to make. I typically fit my workouts in between work and other meetings, so no matter how tasty the recipe is, any nut free protein shake needs to also be quick.

Reviewing the Recipe and Future Experiments

I really loved the mix! The combination of salty, sweet, bitter, and creamy ingredients tasted like a rich ice cream after it’s melted a bit. I also love the high protein count. The ingredients I used each contain a high percentage of protein so it’s the perfect recovery meal.

If I were to try it again, I would like to try other flavors of protein powders to see if there are other tasty combinations. I would also be interested in trying it with fresh fruit like the original recipe suggests.

If you’d like to see how the ingredients all come together, I shared this super-quick video on YouTube that shows the entire nut free protein shake creation process, including my initial thoughts after trying it:

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