Preorder the EpiCenter Case

We love all of the great medical carrying cases that are already in the food allergy community, and we know you do, too! That’s why we’ve been partnering with companies in the community. These integration partners add our technology to their products. This means that their cases will also connect with our software if you prefer designs other than ours.

These partners are making their designs available for preorder through our site as well. And just like with our products, ordering them now comes with a discount and three months of premium membership to our software!

AssureTech was founded with a mission to make food allergies easier to manage – and this is especially true for caring for the auto-injector. We see a world where everyone remembers to always #carry2 with them. Having medication on hand & up to date can make all the difference in the world during an allergic reaction. Our software and hardware combo offer a practical way to make sure you’re prepared, should the worst happen.

The Case connects with our newly-released App. The software is equipped with emergency functions that help you locate the nearest hospital(s), display a medical I.D., alert your emergency contacts, and call an ambulance – all with the tap of a button.

Our app is free to download and alls assists you when traveling abroad or searching order other allergy-related products. The App was released in spring of 2020 and has received recognition as a top software available to people with food allergies.