Food Allergy Translation Cards by Equal Eats – 10% Off!


Effectively communicate with food allergy translation cards from Equal Eats. Their translations, which are also accessible in the EpiCenter App, cover over 500 allergens in 50+ languages.

Perfect for studying abroad, family vacations, business trips, and more!

Sold By: EpiCenter

We’ve partnered with Equal Eats to provide food allergy translation cards. Their translations can be found in our app, and you can also order physical or digital cards through their site.

Their cards are:


  • Heavily-researched content from medically-reviewed sources.
  • Consulted and reviewed with foodservice staff globally


  • Our diligent review system ensures that translations have not only been professionally translated, but reviewed by two professional reviewers, and an everyday native speaker


  • Create a card and view/show instantly
  • Print unlimited credit-card sized copies at home
  • Use our smartphone app to show the card instantly

Traveling with Food Allergies

Traveling to another country can be one of the most exciting experiences of you life! Food allergies or other dietary restrictions should not limit your options – whether you’re traveling for work, pleasure, or studying abroad. That’s why our team is so excited to partner with Equal Eats to deliver effective food allergy translations. Our company’s first software was actually developed following our founder’s life-threatening allergic reaction in Taiwan. Joey went into anaphylactic shock after the translations he was originally using failed to communicate the importance of avoiding cross contamination.

This experience, while terrifying, ended up inspiring the AssureTech Mobile App – the precursor to the EpiCenter App. All of the emergency features – like sharing a translated “HELP” message or finding a hospital, and incorporating translation cards to prevent an allergic reaction in the first place – were designed after Joey’s allergic reaction. The video below shows Joey discussing the experience to a crowd of aspiring entrepreneurs at his alma mater – Juniata College.


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