Mazavaroo Smoked Chilli Paste Gift Set

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Each Jar: 190g

Oak smoked Chipotle Mazavaroo chilli paste – Hot

Applewood Smoked Mulato & Guajillo Chilli paste – Medium

Mesquite Smoked Ancho and Pasilla Chilli Paste – Mild

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Mazavaroo Smoked Chilli Paste Gift Set

Why not brighten up someone’s day because everyone needs a treat now and again. Our fantastic Chilli Paste range is the ultimate gift.

Give them this perfect Mazavaroo Smoked Chilli Paste Gift Box Set which includes a Mild, Medium & Hot.

Why not Spice up their cuisine with this selection because there’s no limit to its uses.

100% natural gourmet pastes.

What is a Mazavaroo?

Mazavaroo is a natural chilli paste based around our Mauritian Heritage.

How we use Mazavaroo in Mauritius

Not everyone likes spicy food, in Mauritius my Grandmother used to put condiments on the table because then we would be able to spice up our food to the level of heat we wanted. This to me is perfect and allows you to choose your heat level.

Included in your gift box:

Oak Smoked Chipotle Mazavaroo Chilli Paste is – Hot
Applewood Smoked Mulato & Guajillo Chilli paste is  – Medium
Mesquite Smoked Ancho and Pasilla Chilli Paste is  – Mild

Product Details:

Applewood Smoked Mulato & Guajillo – A Smokey &
Mellow gourmet paste with subtle hints of berry, raisin
and bitter chocolate

Ingredients: Oil (Rapeseed & Olive oil), Smoked Mulato (19%), Smoked Garlic, Preserved Lemon, Smoked Guajillo (7%), Fresh Lemon Juice, Smoked Red Chilli, Preserved Citron, Agave, Smoked Sugar, Salt, Citron Juice

Oak Smoked Chipotle – Add a little heat with this
warm and Smokey gourmet paste which is versatile
in its use

Ingredients: Smoked Chipotle (25%), Oil (Rapeseed & Olive oil), Preserved Lemon, Smoked Garlic, Smoked Red Chilli, Honey, Fresh Lemon Juice, Salt

Mesquite Smoked Ancho & Pasilla – A Smokey, rich,
fruity gourmet paste with hints of grape & liquorice

Ingredients: Oil (Rapeseed & Olive oil), Smoked Pasilla (19%), Preserved Lemon, Smoked Garlic, Honey, Smoked Ancho (7%), Fresh Lemon Juice, Smoked Sugar, Salt

There are many ways they can be used:

  • It can be Added to crusty bread, used as a dip and even a condiment
  • Used as a marinade or even as a glaze to your BBQ meat or vegetables or even spruce up your roast veggies by tossing them in your chosen blend.
  • Sprucing up a stew – just add a spoon of whichever heat and see how your flavours are elevated
  • Mesquite and Applewood can be used to compliment your cheeseboard
  • Coating your spicy wedges or just simply adding to mayonnaise
  • Why not ditch the fajita powder and use these as your natural alternative to flavour
  • and much much more

Oak and Mesquite smoked – Vegetarian

Applewood Smoked – Vegan

Gluten free

100% Natural


Each Jar is 190g Net

Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs


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