Save on Allergy Friendly Products with Your EpiCenter Membership

We know all too well the struggles of walking into a grocery store and not being able to find allergy friendly snacks or gluten-free products. And in many cases, there aren’t enough safe-to-eat products available. EpiCenter’s Membership Program is saving food allergic and gluten-free family’s 10% or more on snacks, groceries, and more!

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EpiCenter’s Membership Program is simple: sign up and save! That’s it. Members automatically save on every product in the Allergy Shop. We carefully select manufacturers that use dedicated free from facilities who undergo a vetting process for every product submitted. You’ll be able to choose from safe-to-eat groceries, allergy friendly snacks, medical alert gear, and more.

Gluten-Free & Allergy-Safe Groceries

Our online and in-app shop is full of groceries that are safe to eat! These products are allergy friendly and gluten-free options for any occasion – from cooking ingredients to prepackaged, safe-to-eat snacks. With every single product sold through the Shop, you will also have a writeup of the manufacturer and their contact information if you have any questions beyond what’s provided so you can feel comfortable with your order.

Find the Right Products for You and Your Family

You’re able to sort the entire store based on your unique needs. The Allergy Shop includes 15 unique allergens that you can use to filter the product selection. We also provide pre-sorted groups if you’re looking for products that are free from the top 8 or top 14 allergens, for example.

More than Just Saving on Allergy Friendly Snacks

An EpiCenter Membership is much more than product discounts – it’s also access to the best emergency features for navigating an allergic reaction. Creating a membership in the Allergy Shop also grants you full access to premium features within the EpiCenter App, which includes automatically notifying up to 30 emergency contacts and letting them know you’re having an allergic reaction. The App also sends your live GPS location to all of your contacts.

food allergy app to save on allergy friendly snacks and get emergency help

You’ll also be able to locate and contact nearby hospital(s), display a digital medical ID card, and access emergency translations from our partnership with Equal Eats.

The app is designed to help you manage your food allergies more effectively. You’ll also get real-time FDA food allergy recall updates to stay informed.

Every product in the Shop is also available in the App so you can take the resource wherever you go.

Getting Started with EpiCenter

What’s next? We believe the best way to start accessing EpiCenter’s different resources is to create a membership on our website. You’ll instantly gain access to the discounts in the Shop and can start saving.

The second step would be downloading the EpiCenter App and creating a membership. Once you do, our team will unlock the premium features so you’ll have full access!

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