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We’ve partnered with Equal Eats to include their food allergy translations in our EpiCenter App. The goal is to make studying abroad with food allergies a safe and impactful experience. We also know from experience that sometimes medical emergencies still happen. This is why we also include a translated “HELP” message in 50+ languages.

500+ Allergens
50+ Languages
Ask for Help in Each Language
Also Covers Celiac & Other Intolerances/Diets

We've also aggregated a list of other resources to help you study abroad with food allergies. This includes translation cards, medical alert gear, and stories from people who have successfully navigate their study abroad experience.

Translation Cards

equal eats food allergy translation card

It's always good to have a backup. Our translation partner, Equal Eats, works with professional translators, and provides printed versions of the cards - in addition to the copies you'll have in the EpiCenter App.

Medical Alert Gear

food allergy medical alert gear

We recommend wearing translated medical alert gear when traveling abroad. It's a helpful way to communicate your condition in case you're incapacitated. You can browse a selection of medical alert gear from companies we work with.

Other Translated Gear

medical alert phone case

We've designed other useful translated alert gear, such as this medical alert phone case with "Food Allergy" translated in Traditional Chinese for someone traveling to Taiwan.

Proper Planning Prevents Peanut Problems

Joey, AssureTech's founder, shares stories from his trip to Thailand. Taking the right precautions makes all the difference in the world!

Buying Groceries in Taiwan with a Food Allergy


Translating a food allergy means going beyond just Google Translate. Joey shares his experience using various translation tools to safely buy groceries in a foreign country.

Avoiding Peanuts, Tree Nuts, & Egg to Promote Food Allergy Awareness

We love supporting allergy-friendly organizations like the Top 10 Challenge. In this video, Joey avoids additional allergens while traveling in Taiwan and talks about ways you can find safe-to-eat food abroad.

One website we also suggest paying a visit to is They share information about studying abroad with food allergies, and help you learn about other scholarships and programs you can explore.