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Run Your Store

Our vendor home puts you in the driver's seat. Manage the product or service descriptions, prices, shipping, taxes, subscriptions, & more. Our site runs on a high-performance WordPress/WooCommerce platform that you'll have access to.

Connect with Our Community

Simultaneously share your allergy-related products, services, and safe-to-eat food across our website, EpiCenter App, and blog.

Marketing Support

Need help running ad campaigns? As a member of our Network, we'll use our marketing experience to manage digital marketing efforts. And the best part - we don't charge a markup on services...meaning 100% of your budget will be spent on ads and managed by our experts.

Regular Payouts

You'll receive automatic bi-weekly payouts through PayPal and monitor your products' performance in the Store and App. You can choose commission-based, fixed, and hybrid pricing based on what fits your business's needs.

Optimize Product Performance

Access SEO tools, keyword reports, hashtag analysis, and other intelligence tools to optimize your products' presence and search engine ranking. And if these sound unfamiliar to you - we can walk you through the process!

FBA Available

Are you currently using FBA (fulfillment by Amazon)? Our site & App can support this fulfillment method.

About the Team

Access Our Team & Resources

Our team was started by Joey DiGangi, an experienced marketer, website developer, and entrepreneur with food allergies. AssureTech has since partnered with Kdan Mobile Software, an international software as a service provider with a design and engineering team. Together, we’ve raised $35,000 through the state of Pennsylvania that we’ll be using to grow our user base.

AssureTech’s mission has always been to connect as many people in the allergy community with great resources. That’s why we built our vendor platform – it’s an easy way for allergy-friendly companies of any size to join us as we help new users.

You’ll get to work with different members of our team to support your e-commerce efforts and even get exposure through events our team attends (digital & in person).

We can’t wait to partner with your business to advance our shared mission to help the food allergy world!